Jeff White

Philadelphia-based musician, guitar tech, & audio engineer

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The Port Richmond Guitar Spa is a guitar repair shop that I run out of my home in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in the setup, repair, and customization of electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and lap steels. I've spent the past 20 years working on both my own, friends', and bandmates' instruments and decided to offer my expertise to the public beginning in 2014.

My goal is to offer great work and quick turn-around times for working musicians in the Philadelphia area. If your instrument requires a setup or repair, or if you want to upgrade your pickups, caps, wiring, or add a Bigsby, please contact me here.


My Clients Include...

Josh Agran (Green Wolf, Paint It Black)

Ross Bellenoit (solo artist, producer, Muscle Tough, Arc Divers)

Ryan Bernstein (The Cobbs)

Joe Boldizar (Retro City Studios)

Mike "Slo-Mo" Brenner (Marah, John Train, No Good Sister, various projects)

Cambridge Sound Studios (Philadelphia recording studio)

Jonathan Colman (Ben Arnold, Muscle Tough)

John Corrado (Lighteninging)

Daniel Cullen (Rawk U School of Music)

James Downes (The End of America, solo artist)

Chris Doyle (Sad Actor)

Zachary Fairbrother (Throbbing Chakra)

Cody Ferdinand (The Cobbs)

Pat Finnerty (Son Little, various projects)

Chris Forsyth (solo artist, Solar Motel Band, various projects)

Sims Hardin (Dark Web, Throbbing Chakra)

Brad Hinton (Hezekiah Jones, Tin Bird Choir, solo artist)

Jonathan Hodges (Lord Crow)

Ed Hogarty (Audible, The Bigger Lovers, Lefty's Deceiver)

Eric Hurlock (Tin Bird Choir)

Jim Kehoe (Audible, John Byrne Band)

Jay Laughlin (JJL, Turning Point)

Alex Lewis (Flat Mary Road)

Jesse Lundy (The Rekardo Lee Trio, Taller)

Brian McBrearty (solo artist)

Bill McKinney (The West Kensingtons)

Josh Meakin (The Fantastic Imagination, Long Spells, Inside Voices)

Sean Miller (Creepoid)

Kevin Murphy (Improbables)

Angel Olsen (solo artist)

Jamie Olson (North Lawrence Midnight Singers)

Greg O'Neill (Lighteninging)

Joshua Pannepacker (Sad Actor)

Allie Pearce (Double Wild)

Colins Regisford (Mannequin Pussy)

Rosali (solo artist)

Dean Sabatino (The Dead Milkmen, I Think Like Midnight)

Jim Salamone (Cambridge Sound Studios)

Johnny Scarps (Ruby the Hatchet)

Dan Schwartz (Danny Black, Good Old War)

Rob Shaffer (Turtle Studios, various projects)

Michael Southerton (Song Dogs)

Jared Michael Styles (Joey Sweeney)

Paul Thos. Sukeena (Steve Gunn, Angel Olsen, Solar Motel Band, Spacin')

Brendon Thomas (The End of America)

David Ulrich (Davey and the Chains, Needle Points)

Petejoe Urban (Creepoid)

Travis Louis Weissman (Haunted Homes)

Turtle Studios (Philadelphia recording studio)

Eli Wenger (solo artist)

Bob Whitt (Double Wild)

Doug Wright (Howling Fantods)

Aleksandr Yaker (Roomtone, Summer Fiction)

Todd Zamostein (North Lawrence Midnight Singers)

Derek Zglenski (Belgrade, JJL)