Jeff White

Philadelphia-based musician, guitar tech, and audio engineer

I have been working professionally as an audio engineer since the late-'90s, and have been mastering releases for both vinyl and digital formats over the past decade. If you have any questions about my prior audio work or would like to inquire about having me engineer or master your next project, please feel free to contact me here.

Below is an list of some of the artists & labels whom I have worked with over the years. Click on the links to listen.



A-Tone Music (Jr. James & the Late Guitar, Samba Ngo)

A Clean Kitchen Is a Happy Kitchen (Mastered)

Acres of Diamonds (Mastered)

Arctic Splash (Recorded/Mixed/Performed)

Audible (Recorded/Mixed/Mastered)

Bakerman (Recorded/Mixed)

Bands in the Backyard – BITBY

Blank Pages (Recorded/Mixed/Mastered)

Break It Up (Recorded/Mixed)

Butsenzeller (Mastered)

Cardillo (Performed)

Casey Bell (Mastered)

Comb (Recorded/Performed)

Creeping Weeds (Mastered)

Creepoid (Recorded/Performed)

Dreambook (Mastered)

Ex Reverie (Recorded/Mastered)

The Fantastic Imagination (Recorded/Performed)

Fox Bay (Recorded/Performed)

Grand Blue Heron (Mastered)

Hidden Volume Records (The Improbables)

The Higher Choir (Mastered)

The Improbables (Recorded/Mixed)

Jesse Gimbel (Mastered)

Jezus Factory Records (ACKIAHK, Butsenzeller, Grand Blue Heron, Papermouth)

Jimmy Galloway (Mastered)

Jr. James and the Late Guitar (Mixed/Mastered)

The Modern Hypocrites (Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Performed)

Nightlands (Recorded/Mastered)

No Idea Records (Creepoid)

Nod and Smile Records (Photon Band)

Northern Arms (Recorded/Mixed/Performed)

Papermouth (Mastered)

Photon Band (Recorded/Performed)

Queen of Jeans (Mastered [instrumental version of album tracks for TV/Film/Ads])

Roomtone (Recorded)

Ruby the Hatchet (Recorded & performed lap steel on the song "Valley of the Snake")

Sad Iron Music (Mastered)

Samba Ngo (Recorded)

Secretly Canadian (Nightlands)

Song Dogs (Mastered)

Spelling Reform (Mastered)

Swivel Chairs (Recorded/Mixed/Performed)

Timbers (Mastered)

Tin Horses (Mastered)

YoungLionApprentice (Recorded/Mixed/Mastered)

The War On Drugs (Recorded/Tape Transfers)

Wild Vibes (Mastered)